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OH! creates cold-pressed, 100% organic & nutritionally developed juice, tea, nut milk and power shots. Made from the healing forces of raw vegetables, fruits, herbs, nuts, & super foods!

OH! was born from the idea that nutrition should meet flavor and neither should be compromised for the other. OH! believes every sip should taste as good as it is good for you, that’s why our chef, Hanna Gregor is also our nutritionist. Hanna was tired of trying to defend the idea of cleansing and realized she had to create cleanses that really worked. Cleanses that improved people’s health, jumpstarted their lifestyles and weren’t based upon cheap sugary fruits; but instead from strong alkalizing veggies, exotic spices, and rare superfoods. Hanna wanted to feel good about what she was giving for those searching for an answer.

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Our Mission

OH!’s mission is to provide consumers with raw juice that is delicious and healthy, using only organic ingredients. OH! will educate about nutrition, cleansing and fasting so that consumers can make informative decisions that can lead to healthier lifestyles.

Few Words From Our CEO

"OH!’s core values for nutrition, organic and sustainability set the standard for a truly elite product in the juicing world. Creating recipes and operating standards around these core principles has guided OH! to develop the best juices on the market."

Hanna Gregor
OH! Juice CEO

Juice Cleanse

Our Classic Cleanse is a collection of six different nutrient-rich juices; each bottle packed with 2-3 pounds of USDA organic produce. The job of this cleanse is to flush the body’s system of unwanted toxins, retrain the taste buds and most importantly motivate the mind into understanding that it’s a major part of living a healthy lifestyle. This approachable cleanse doesn’t sacrifice nutrition, making it perfect for first time cleansers and fun for everyday juicers. In just three days you consume over 50lbs of raw fruits and veggies; more than the average American gets in an entire year! Designed for both regular cleansers and those new to cleansing, find out how we can increase your immediate and long-term health.


100% Organic Cold-Pressed Cleanse

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Classic Cleanse - $75/Day

(1 to 5 day cleanses)

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Program Details

Choose from Three Options

$75 One-Day Juice Cleanse - A one day cleanse can be an excellent tool to achieve many different results.

A great reset after a long weekend of drinking and eating to help replenish your body.
Take the mess and stress out of juicing and split up the 1-day pack by drinking 2 juices a day over the next three days for a healthy addition to clean eating and see results in no time.
A one day couldn’t be better for people on the go, busy moms, or travelers. We make it mindless while you concentrate on your daily tasks. All you have to do is unscrew the cap and drink up!

$150 Two-Day Juice Cleanse - First time cleanser who wants to jumpstart healthier eating habits and increase energy. Short enough that anyone can do, but long enough to be effective.

$225 Three-Day Juice Cleanse - Experienced cleanser who wants to thoroughly reset eating habits. Long enough to effectively detox and begin the healing process from past damage.

Cleanse Benefits

What to Expect!

Increased Energy and Stamina:Energy and nutrients that are heavily used in the digestive process are freed up when we force our G.I to take a break while fasting or cleansing. This allows the body to use energy and nutrients for other biological healing processes. This makes you feel stronger, more energized and alive!

Immune Function:Immunity is increased because of the bountiful influx of micronutrients and antioxidants to help fight of disease and infection.

Weight Loss:This shouldn’t be the main intention of doing a cleanse however when you withstain from processed foods and the tendencies of a typical American diet weightloss is a natural result of nourishing the body and balancing its alkalinity.

Radiant Complexion: Juice cleansing really improves skin complextion through increased circulation of oxygen nutrients; nourishing the skin from the inside out.

Before the Cleanse

Preparation is Essential!

The more you prepare the better your cleanse will go! Get rid of all the meat, dairy, cigarettes, coffee, sweet treats and processed food days before and start by incorporating fresh fruits and veggies, lots of water and light exercise. You will be sure to increase the results of your cleanse! Please no heavy celebration dinner with cocktails to say farewell to solid foods the night before. Your body will not be happy with you when you start your cleanse if it starts the first day by eliminating the metabolic poison alcohol.

Get excited! Start to mentally prepare that you're about to embark on something that is difficult for the mind, beneficial for the body and liberating for the soul! Tell friends, family and loved ones what you're about to do for yourself. Build a success strategy by removing tempting junk out of the fridge and stocking it with spring water and cucumbers. Plan how you will avoid happy hour invites and late night munchies on the couch. Surf our website and learn the benefits of cleansing and the different healing properties of the ingredients we use and how it all is going to help!

Write it down, either in a small journal or somewhere online. Writing down what you want to accomplish from the cleanse will help you keep your eye on intended goals. Documenting brief notes during the cleanse will help you notice small benefits through out the day and help you realize uncomfortable feelings like hunger are temporarily.

During the Cleanse

Congrats, You’ve started your Cleanse!

WATER WATER WATER! We can’t stress this enough! Best thing you can do during your cleanse is drink good ol’ H2O. The amazing healing properties of produce extracts unwanted debris & toxins from your cells and then water acts as a carrier to remove it from the body. Many complaints of nausea, headaches and fatigue comes from lack of water, so drink up!

Exercise typically increases the success of our cleansers so we encourage light to moderate bouts of exercise through out your cleanse in order to get the blood flowing. This will help with circulating all the wonderful nutrients around the body to different organs and tissue. Light exercise is thought to increase dopamine levels, a neurotransmitter associated with making you feel good! Exercise typically increases the success of our cleansers

Eating. Everyone asks us before the cleanse- What if I need to eat? "Need” and “want” are two different things. If this is your first time experimenting with a cleanse and you want to eat, then eat. Yes that’s right, eat! We’re one of the few cleanse companies that will tell you it’s OK to break your fast. However we don't want you to completely break it with greasy choices, we want you to choose fresh fruits and veggies and satisfy that “want” of yours in order to CONTINUE your cleanse FROM processed foods and other negative behavior for the initial intended period .

After the Cleanse

You've made it! Well done.

Okay so you're done with your cleanse, but not so fast! Don’t you dare pick up a cheeseburger or think about guzzling a beer. What your body needs and should begin craving is more juice, green smoothies, salads with unprocessed dressings, and clear soups. End the juice cleanse the way you prepped by avoiding meat, dairy, wheat, and processed foods for the next 3-5 days. If you prepped right, got through the cleanse and broke it properly than you accomplished almost 10 days of eating clean!

The last 3-5 days you were essentially on an elimination diet; restricted from wheat, dairy, eggs, soy, peanuts, meat, caffeine, cooked and processed foods. Slowly introduce these foods back into your diet one item at a time. This will help you discover or alert you on which types of foods and or style of eating makes your feel better or worse. Some items you may not want back into your diet for a longer period of time because you know it's not going to make you feel as good as when you were off them.

A lot of people like to experiment with intermittent fasting after they've cleansed. We recommend this style of eating as long as you've researched and experiment properly. We'd like to be clear that intermittent fasting doesn't mean starve for 16-20 hours then gorge on bad foods.

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